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About Medicaid

Medicaid is a federal health program that provides funding for health services to eligible residents of American Samoa. Enacted in 1965, Medicaid provides the Federal matching funds available to states/territories for the cost they incurred in paying health care providers for delivering covered services to eligible individuals.

State/Territory participation is voluntary, and American Samoa has participated since 1984. Medicaid operates as an assistance program and does not require financial contribution from the recipients. The State Medicaid Agency under the Office of the Governor is committed in becoming an effective and efficient agency that administers the Medicaid Program in American Samoa to achieve its mission.

The State Medicaid Agency is funded by both the Federal and the American Samoa Government.

Welcome to American Samoa Medicaid

Director's Message

Talofa Lava!

It is with great pleasure that I WELCOME YOU to the American Samoa Medicaid State Agency website. The American Samoa Medicaid Program is administered uniquely, unlike of any other territory or state in that we do not offer individual enrollment but receive Medicaid funding from the federal government through presumptive eligibility. Further details of this and all programs offered under our local Medicaid program can be found in this website.

This website was created to provide you with a better understanding of the programs and services that we currently administer within our local Medicaid office.

Programs and services that we administer include:

  • State Children’s Health Insurance Program
  • Health Information Technology Electronic Health Record Incentive Program
  • Medicaid Assistance Program

In alignment with the Governor’s vision to expand health care reform in American Samoa, I am committed to researching several options on new avenues we can take as a Territory to provide more funding, more resources, and more support for our Medicaid population. With our unique situation culturally and politically and our remote location on the map, we have struggled for many years in providing the best quality care for our people. With the new administration and Obama’s Affordable Care Act, I look forward to working closely and collaboratively with the federal government to ensure American Samoa takes full advantage of federal programs that will develop better quality health care system for our Territory. It is our goal to provide you with quality care.

Thank you for making time to visit our website. Feel free to contact our office should you have any further inquiries regarding our Medicaid program.

Sandra King Young